fast and easy
structured and comprehensive
comes with help and system support

these are the benefits of kNOw RISK, the food safety
management software for food and packaging industry

How can kNOw RISK help me?

Producers of food or food packaging are confronted with a multitude of risks which can cause a severe threat to the consumer if not controlled adequately.  There are many reports in the media, from dioxine contaminated feeding-stuff to EHEC-epidemics, and these could develop very fast into problems which threaten the existence of your business . It is therefore even more important to take a precautionary approach and assess hazards and the resulting risks in your own factory with reasonable care and, as a consequence, install the appropriate controls.

The most common tool for this is to implement a HACCP control system.  It contains clear standards and instructions on how hazards in a process can be recognized, minimised and controlled. With regulation 852/2004 the EU created a comprehensive body of regulations for food safety from „farm to fork“.  It also requires hazard analysis by means of a HACCP-system.

There are, however, some barriers in setting up such a system.  There is significant effort needed to create process-flow diagrams, significance-matrices and decision-trees, all of which are hard to achieve with standard Office-software.  It is a huge administrative task to manage analyses, revisions, change-logs, pictures, process charts, version sensitive documents (such as a CCP-Matrix), activities and all the other documents required for decisions.

That was the situation that kNOw RISK resulted from.  In conjunction with companies who wanted to bundle and reduce this effort, a system has been developed which keeps the whole administration in a database with the best possible user support.  The system has been optimized over years in order to integrate a variety of different requirements.  It is an instrument for new or experienced analysis teams, for small or big amounts of analyses, but also for the management of activities which arise from other sources such as audits or legal requirements.  An additional benefit is that all changes are available immediately.  Cumbersome document updates are history…

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